Prayer Wall

You are welcome to share your prayers with the community on our prayer wall below, you can write an anonymous prayer, share your prayer with church leadership only, or pray for other's prayers on the wall. We are united through prayer and when we pray together God says He will hear and will meet that need (Matt 18:19).


My Aunt, Jennie Swisher passed away this morning, Feb 5, 2022. Please keep her children and family in your prayers.


I have a special unspoken need. Asking for prayers right now. God knows the details.


please pray for me i had allergic reaction to something and I'm full with bumps and swollen thank you so much.


I am writing to request prayers for Vito Doria of Connecticut. He is married to my cousin Dawn. Just a couple days ago, I found out that he has bone marrow cancer. I know that Vito had Covid 19, but I do not know if the two are connected. He is probably going to need a bone marrow transplant. I tried to register to be a donor myself, but my application was denied because I have Multiple Sclerosis. Vito is likely to be starting chemotherapy, but I don't know when. It is possible that he might only have another year to live. I am praying that God would move in Vito's situation. I know that nothing is impossible for God, and I know that God does have the power to heal Vito of this cancer. I am asking that people please pray for Vito, for his healing. Please also pray a lot for his wife Dawn.


The following is a post from my wife Christy, please keep her in your prayers. Thank you Update: the liver biopsy came back positive for breast cancer. So, Stage 4 Breast Cancer. There will be a new treatment plan. I will start chemo on Tuesday February 2nd. “When I cannot see it God, I still believe it You are working all things for my good” Thank you so much, Doug Smith